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Sep 16, 2014

Clear your clutter

 We moved houses a few years ago, and I clearly remember the time when we started to pack, unpack, and store everything in our new home. It was such a chore and it took us almost THREE weeks before we could finally settle in. All of us were found guilty of having way too much stuff! My mom loved to buy and collect bedsheets, picture frames, glass and teacup sets, baking supplies, and kitchen appliances. My dad liked to collect stamps, coins, and VCDs, and my sisters and I had way too many clothes, bags, shoes and other memorabilias! There were a lot of stuff that we didn’t really need but we just couldn’t let go of them. We were too attached with our material possessions, and there’s something about the thrill of buying and collecting items just for the sake of having them. Are you guys guilty of this too???