Dec 26, 2012

Black Hole

After an unsuccessful attempt of looking for the perfect Holiday dress at the mall, this LBD arrived in the mail. I love it when fashion gods save me from desperate moments! They must have also felt my strong desire to steer clear from sequins and glitters because they sent me something that relates very much to my style- an outfit that spells classy with a sexy twist! This outfit can pass as a modern Audrey Hepburn look don't you think? To make it appropriate for mass, I wore a grey cardigan over the dress and removed it afterwards for a party ready appeal! Hope you guys like it as much as I do! xx

Dress from Fashion Infinity

Bracelets from Edge Co. 

Heels from Topshop 

Whenever I take outfit shots at home, the light on the white wall tends to bounce off on my face resulting to blurred photos. Thank God this set turned out to be pretty decent! 

Okay, so maybe I still injected something glittery in my outfit... But it's my blog so I'm allowed to contradict myself! Haha 

Purse from H&M

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