Dec 23, 2012

Dress up game

Just TWO more days till Christmas!!! and because I can't contain my excitement, here's a color themed outfit that will make Santa and his elves proud! ;) This is a scheduled post so while you're reading this, I'm probably at the mall scouring thru all the racks & stores because I haven't found the perfect holiday dress/outfit yet :( I'm trying to steer clear from sequins and glitters but maybe if I find one that fits perfectly, I'll end up eating my words. LOL! How about you guys? What are you wearing tomorrow and on Christmas day? Hope I find an outfit within the day! Wish me luck! xx

Mint green sweater from Penshoppe, Oxblood pants from Next Jeans 

Necklace from Leech Manila

Heels from Zara

Scenestealer book clutch from 37LA 

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  1. balit kc disqus pa host mo ng comments?

  2. Because it's easier to keep track of comments and it's more reliable!