Dec 25, 2012

Endings & Beginnings

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog today! :) I hope you're having a fantastic time with your family and loved ones! I pretty much got everything I wanted in my list but more than the material things, I'm so happy that my family is complete and I'm grateful for having such an amazing set of friends, loved ones and readers. 2012 was quite a challenging year and it seemed like every time I pray for patience, courage and guidance, the more I was placed in difficult situations. Relationships were tested, work led me to precarious conditions and so forth. This year, we had to endure a long distance relationship with my dad but we'll make sure to make up for the lost time during his 1 month stay here. I also passed up on what could have been a possible chance for love but we didn't want to compromise our work & saving our friendship was a much better option. We decided to put a seal of finality to the issue and to all the intrigues surrounding us. I lost a couple of friends too but growing up and growing apart is & will always be a part of life and in the end, the lessons and blessings outweighed ALL the negativity & unfortunate circumstances. :) I have no regrets over the choices I have made and as I said in my tweet, I'm more than ready to welcome new beginnings. 

Let's cut this short, enough of the cheese and let's all just make the most out of today and the last SIX days of 2012 shall we? ;) 

I wore this last weekend for a day out with the family. I wasn't able to find a holiday dress at the mall and while on the verge of sulking, a black printed, backless dress came in the mail! Thank you once again to the fashion gods for saving me from desperation! Will post photos soon!! 

Printed dress (bought from the St. James bazaar

My forever favorite nude pumps from Forever 21 

The color blue is dominant in the dress but I chose to wear yellow accessories for a perkier touch! :) 

Watch from Kenneth Cole, purse from Hot & Scandalous 

Styling tip: If there are already too much prints and colors in your outfit, it's best to wear a neutral pair of heels to avoid overkill. 

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