Dec 14, 2012

Happy Shopper

I'm such a huge fan of online shopping so the minute I found out about the GCASH American Express Virtual card, I browsed thru top shopping websites such as SephoraUrban Outfitters & Solestruck and went gaga over the products. Shoes/heels will always prevail so I got myself a pair of JC's! (You can check out my outfit post on that one HERE.) I know it sounds too good to be true but I received these babies after 2 weeks and they were delivered straight to my doorstep, thanks to My Shopping Box :)

Once you sign up for a Gcash American Express virtual card, you will be given a digital handbook. Here you can find your card details, US address (where your package will be shipped), US telephone number and details of your My Shopping Box account. They are the partner courier of Globe and they are in charge of shipping your order from abroad to the Philippines. No need for you to go thru the hassle of waiting at the post office/customs and low shipping fees are guaranteed too! ;) 

One for me and one for a lucky reader! Congratulations to Essa Armille Polanco for winning this big blog giveaway! :)

The GCash American Express Virtual card & My Shopping Box are a match made in heaven! Thank you so much for the convenient shopping experience! 

Sign up now and shop your heart away! There are so many awesome deals going on right now so don't forget to treat yourself and your loved ones this Christmas season ;)

Check out the official website HERE for more details on the GCASH American Express Virtual card :)

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