Dec 7, 2012

In the dark

I guess most of you don't know that I used to be an athlete. I was a complete & total tomboy with matching boycut! I tried out basketball, volleyball, badminton and was part of the soccer varsity team during my last 2 years in High School. I've always been interested in fashion ever since I can remember but like any other adolescent, I went thru an awkward stage. I'm pretty sure I confused some of my schoolmates because sometimes, they'd see me in a loose shirt, elephant pants & boots then I'd be all dolled up in a fitted blouse & skirt. I'm dedicating this outfit post to that time in my life & there's really no point in denying it anyway! :) If it weren't for that "confusion", I wouldn't be who I am right now. I've made a lot of weird fashion choices and tried out different types of haircut (haha!) but that helped me a lot in my road to self discovery & it gave me the boost & confidence to be secured in who I am. ;) Happy weekend guys! xx

Bracelet from Blessed Online Shop, watch from Watch Factory 

Jacket from Forever 21, dress from Topshop

Heels from Aldo 

My hair color looks different in the photos! LIIIKE! 

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  1. hindi ba masakit sa paa ung aldo heels mo? >.< or magkapaltos? >.<

  2. Nope, they're very comfortable! :)

  3. I am so in love with your jacket! Woot! :) So bagay rin for you. :)

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  4. Pauline Joy PestanoDecember 10, 2012 at 1:18 PM

    Great casual look! perfect ;)