Dec 24, 2012

My first 10km run!

A few weeks back, I joined my first EVER 10km run. This is probably one of the highlights of my year because one of my dream brands, Nike, collaborated with me! It was really challenging though and to be honest, I wasn't sure if I can finish it in a short span of time. I didn't want to disappoint myself but I kept on thinking... an esteemed brand saw a potential in me! That's both pressure and encouragement at the same time, eh? I took it upon myself to join training runs, double & tweak my workout routine, condition my lungs, legs and even my mind. I also had a goal to lose 10-15 lbs. since I wanted to be as light as a feather come judgment day! 

A day before the run, Nike's PR agency, Ogilivy, contacted me and asked if I was willing to be their torch bearer. I was a bit apprehensive and on the verge of panicking because there are other people much more qualified to represent the Philippines! They were quick to assure me though that this time, they want to tap the fashion angle of the brand and the torch is actually a CAMERA! I was so nervous that I wasn't able to sleep at all (check out my super chinky eyes haha!

During the run, I had to pace myself, stop every now and then to take photos & capture the highlights of the event because that's basically the main task of the torch bearer. There were more than 13, 000 participants and it was such an exhilarating experience to see everyone finish no matter how grueling it might have been to some. To keep track of my progress, I borrowed my friend's iPhone and used the Nike Running application. I'm so happy I was able to finish it in an hour, 21 minutes & 30 seconds. I literally felt like crying when I reached the finish line because it is such a huge achievement for a first timer!!! I was able to prove to myself that given time, you can manipulate, strengthen your body and even go against your limits. 

Thanks to an amazing support system- photographer & running buddy Mark Chester Ang, my friends Paolo, Diegs & Pau, Jandric and Lhen of Ogilivy PR, my trainer Coach Ice and the owners of Elorde Pasay Road- Pao and Ziggy Roces :) Mission SLIMpossible= ACHIEVED! ;)  

Photos by Mark Chester Ang
Post-processing by me! 

You can check out this POST to know more about my workout and diet. Stay tuned for part 2! I'll be posting it early January 2013 to encourage you guys to commit to fitness for the new year ;) 

More photos of the run at Nike Running Philippines' Facebook page HERE :)

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