Dec 19, 2012

Shopping Date with me! (Blog Giveaway) (CLOSED)

Just to reiterate, you have to follow/like SM Mall of Asia's Twitter, Facebook pages HERE & HERE, SHARE this blog post on Facebook and Tweet, "Shopping spree at Forever 21 @TheMallofAsia with Lissa Kahayon! That's what I want for Christmas! Register at"

* Register in the electronic raffle HERE . STRICTLY one entry per person. 


* If you are on private settings, we will NOT be able to see your tweet.

* If the characters exceed the space allotted for a tweet, you can use TWITLONGER

* There will be a total of FIVE winners of 2000php worth of GC's from Forever 21 & I'll be there to shop with you guys! ;)

* Do NOT tag me on Twitter.

* Winners will be announced on December 22, 2012.

***As of December 22, 2012, SM Mall of Asia has decided to move the deadline to December 28. Keep on joining! ;)

Goodluck! xx

UPDATE: (As of December 28, 2012) Here are the winners of the giveaway:

Congratulations and please wait for a confirmation e-mail from The Mall of Asia! :)


  1. I already tagged you before you even posted this :( i followed the sites' instructions and just replaced the other bloggers name with your name.. I hope my entry is still valid *fingers crossed*

  2. Couldn't access the :( But I'd really really want to win this. It would be a dream come true. :( :)

  3. can we still join here even tough we already joined PaulThePRGuy Shopping spree at Forever 21 @TheMallofAsia????

  4. can we still join even if we already joined the other Shopping spree at Forever 21 @TheMallofAsia w/ mr. paul?

  5. The site's working just fine! :)

  6. Kindly tweet mall of asia to double check. Thank you!

  7. joined! :)