I like you a latte

Not all coffee drinks are created equal. That’s what makes coffee-based drinks so exciting—there is one for every personality. You can have coffee hot in a cup, iced in a tall glass or blended with crushed ice. Do you want it foamy? Or black? How you enjoy your coffee drink reflects your lifestyle, or even mood that you are currently in.

I recently tried Kopiko 78, a coffee latte which is made from the finest quality coffee. It is brewed and extracted at 78 degrees which is the perfect temperature for bringing out the flavor of the coffee. Kopiko 78 also comes in a handy plastic bottle. This makes it a convenient way to put inside your bag and recharge at any time of the day.I’ve been drinking Kopiko 78 for the past few days and I love how it gives me an instant energy boost! I wake up early to workout and I drink Kopiko 78 as my pre-workout fuel. It’s perfect for jump starting my day since I get to make the most out of my workout. One bottle is sufficient since I still find myself still energized by mid afternoon. I love it since my mind is on overdrive and I tend to do more and accomplish more. The body’s reaction to coffee varies from one person to the next.  If you’re interested in trying out Kopiko 78, I suggest that you drink half of the bottle first, early in the morning and gauge how much more you should drink throughout the day. Feel it out and do what best suits you! Have you tried Kopiko 78? Let me know your thoughts! 


Top and skirt (bought in Singapore) shoes from Zara

Photos by Deegee Razon