2 Easy Ways to Style a Plain Outfit

My photographer and I love to go around the Metro to scout for new places to shoot. We try our best and research for new or hidden spots and we also try to match the blog photos and my Instagram feed. It's especially difficult because my Instagram has a pastel theme so once we find a background or location with hints of yellow, pink, or peach, we consider ourselves incredibly lucky. Haha! 

On this particular day, I wore one of my favorite combos- a cute sweater paired with denim skirt. It's a simple look but there are some details here that give the look extra appeal. Here are my 2 simple ways to instantly upgrade an outfit:

1. Accessorize- I no longer like to pile on necklaces or bracelets so I use my bag to add my own twist to the look. This fringe bag is a favorite from Nava!

2. Shoes- I am obsessed with boots and I have them in different styles in black. I have silver studded ones, gold studs, black boots with chunky pink heels, etc.etc! I love sneakers and ballet flats but booties are a badass! If you're not comfortable in wearing boots, you can opt for colored shoes or printed sneakers. Whatever floats your boat! 

Photos by Deegee Razon