7 Restaurants to Try in Cebu

As you may have seen in a previous post, I went to Cebu last year for a Food Crawl. It was a 3 day event where we visited 3-4 eating establishments in a day. It was a one of a kind experience that definitely left me with a full and happy tummy! Cebu is a bustling city with wide varieties of local food and delicacies. Let me share with you some of the restaurants that we visited. It's quite a lengthy post but I hope you'll enjoy! 

1. HOUSE OF LECHON- A trip to Cebu is not complete without eating lechon. I love this restaurant because the skin of their lechon is crispy and the meat is very tender. It's definitely worth all the calories!! Aside from the yummy lechon, the restaurant also serves delicious seafood and grilled dishes. The baked scallops with cheese and garlic is another personal favorite! 

2. ISLA SUGBU- This is a paluto-all-you-can restaurant. There are a lot of seafood choices like lobster, crabs, tanigue, octopus, tilapia, and many more. The rate is 850php per head which is pretty reasonable considering the variety of food that you can choose from. You can also select vegetables and fruits to complement your meat or seafood. 

3. CHOOBI CHOOBI- This restaurant originated in Cebu with numerous different branches in the surrounding provinces. They are known for their shrimps but my favorite is their crispy pata! I love the crispness of the skin and the flavorful meat. I swear, I love Filipino food!

4. TSAY CHENG- This is a popular Chinese fine dining restaurant in Cebu. This was our last stop on our first day so I was pretty stuffed by the time we got to the restaurant, however; when they delivered the dimsum tray, I couldn't resist! I love siomai and if I am really hungry, I can eat up to 15 pieces in one sitting! Lol! I only had a piece for this night though. Haha! We also tried out the new Feast Bowl Specials like Fish Fillet and Sour Sauce rice, Lechon Kawali Ampalaya rice, Braised Pecking Duck rice, and Spareribs Taosi rice. Because I was stuffed beyond belief, I had no more space to try these dishes out but my fellow bloggers said they loved it. These Feast Bowl specials are available from Monday to Friday from 11am-2pm. 

5. BOCAS- Bocas is owned by French pastry chef Jean Louis Leon. The restaurant sells delectable sweets like eclairs, cookies, tarts, macarons, and cakes. The chocolate hazelnut cake is to die for!! 

6. TOM n TOMS- Tom n Toms is a Korean Coffee franchise that started in 2001. They partnered with the Alba family of Alba Uno Residencia fame to open their first Tom n Toms branch in Cebu. We tried a variety of their bread and coffee but what's unique about this coffee shop is that they bake their bread/pastries as you order so you get to eat them hot and fresh. 

7. TABLEA- This restaurant serves desserts that highlights the Tablea chocolate. They let us try the Puto Maya, Fresh Cebu Mangoes, and Chocolate cake. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth!