Boracay with Sun Life

Sun Life launched their health and wellness program last year by holding a 3 day wellness retreat in Boracay. "Go Well" is Sun Life's initiative to promote wellness as an important aspect in pursuing a brighter life and is envisioned to be a wellness community that offers workouts to the public. Sun Life created a fitness website and wellness community because as an insurance company, they learned that health is one of the major concerns in our country and yet the majority of people are not prepared when illness strikes or when medical treatment is needed. 

I've always been an advocate of healthy living and I'm grateful to be a part of this wellness retreat. I got to meet some of my fitspirations and I also got to meet new friends. I have a tendency to shy away when there's a big group of people but this was a fun bunch! Everyone was inspiring and very encouraging. <3 Special thanks to Jaymie Pizarro for inviting me!