Clean, Cool Air with Dyson

When I told my boyfriend that I would be getting my hands on the Dyson Pure Cool Link, his first question was, “Can I have it?” Lol! I found it a bit funny that he got extremely excited over a purifier fan but it also got me intrigued. He accompanied me to the Dyson concept store in Greenbelt 5, assembled the unit, and brought it home with me. I’ve been using it for more than 3 weeks now and so far, I am more than satisfied. I’m definitely not sharing this unit with my boyfriend! Hahaha! 

We are 5 in the family and we also have a Shih Tzu so sometimes things can get a little stuffy and messy at home. The fur and the smell of the poop and pee of our little dog, Rocket usually triggers the allergies of my dad.  Fortunately, the Dyson Pure Cool Link is a dual function purifier and fan that removes toxic fumes and odor inside your home. Its unique 360 degree HEPA filter purifies the air quickly and removes the smell of Rocket’s poop and pee as well as other allergens, odors, and pollutants. Within 3 weeks of having the Dyson Pure Cool link at home, we all noticed that my dad’s allergies were significantly reduced. 

What’s super neat about the Dyson Pure Cool Link is that it’s Dyson’s first connected device.  It allows you to control the machine through your cellphone via an app. The cool part is that you can control your purifier even if you are away from home!  I usually turn it on half an hour before I get home so that it can start recirculating the air and cooling the living room.  The app also keeps a log of the indoor air quality in your home, so you can keep track of the conditions. 

I also love the unit's super sleek design.  It adds a modern touch to your room and doesn’t have a bulky look like traditional fans or purifiers.  The Dyson Pure Cool link has no visible spinning blades and is virtually quiet! I hardly hear it when I hang out in the living room. 


The new Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifier fan is available at the Dyson Concept store in Greenbelt 5. 

Photos by Deegee Razon