Koh Nang Yuan Island

After spending a few days in the city of Bangkok, the Skyscanner team and I flew to Koh Nang Yuan island for an overnight trip. The quickest way to get to the island from the city is via plane to Chumphon Airport, then a high speed boat transfer to the island. We arrived at the port early morning and had to wait till noon for the boat. I'll never forget this experience because I was so tired from the flight that I laid down and slept on top of the table under the scorching heat. I knocked out for hours despite the circumstances. Lol! Looking back, it was a pretty rough yet funny experience.

We arrived at Koh Nang Yuan late in the afternoon and the beach was packed with tourists. The whole team planned to start shooting at 6am the next day so we could have some quiet time for ourselves. The island is privately owned and visitors are charged a 100Baht entrance fee. If I remember correctly, visitors can enter by 10am and must leave the island by 430pm. Koh Nang Yuan is famous for snorkeling and diving spots so you might want to check it out if you ever get a chance to visit. Make sure you head up to the view point because it has the most amazing view especially during sunset! I also recommend staying for a night or two in the island instead of going for a daytrip so you can get more time to relax and enjoy.