Secret Beach, Bali

OMG, Can you guys believe it's already March??? Time really passes by a lot faster when you're older! I don't know about you but I always find myself caught up with work and other stuff then next thing I know, another month or two passes by! The good thing about it being March is that I'm getting giddy for my trip to the Maldives next month!!! It is one of dream destinations and I can't wait to finally tick it off my bucket list! Aaaahhhh! To further hype up my upcoming beach trip, let me share some photos from my trip to Bali a few months ago. Kimi, Thomas, and I stumbled upon this secluded secret beach in Uluwatu and shot these amazing photos. At one point, the waves ate all of us and dragged us underneath! It was terrifying! Thomas lost his glasses and I almost lost my bikini top. Lol! We all love how these photos turned out so all the hassle and "buwis buhay" experiences were somehow worth it... (I think?! Hahaha!) Enjoy these photos!! 

Swimsuit (bought in Bali), visor from Sheeka Swimwear

Photos by: Kimi Juan and Thomas Caja