Sunrise at Borobudur Temple

Last year, I was invited by Indonesia's Ministry of Tourism to be part of #TripofWonders. We spent one week touring Jakarta, Yogjakarta, and Bali. The team flew in and spent a night in Jakarta.  The next morning, we flew to Yogjakarta and spent the day cycling around the villages, crafting, and batik making. Our schedule was quite relaxed because we had to wake up at 3am the next morning to witness the sunrise at Borobudur Temple. I thought it was a pretty early call-time but when we got to the temple, it was crazy packed with tourists! Borobudur is renowned as the largest Buddhist temple in the world and is a UNESCO protected monument built in the 9th century. We got there at 430am and quickly toured around to look for a decent spot where we could get the best view for our photos. It's a bit difficult to take photos without photobombers so I was lucky enough to be with fellow bloggers who were patient to wait and quickly snap away as soon as our intended photo background cleared up. Words cannot fully describe how beautiful this place is so I'm leaving you with a photo heavy blog post. It was so nice to see the sky turn from black to purple and then orange to yellow. 


* Bring a shawl or cardigan if you plan to go before sunrise because it can be a bit chilly.

* Try to get to Borobudur Temple at least an hour and a half before sunrise so you can secure a good spot to take photos.

* Borobudur Temple is a "no drone zone" from inside the complex. You can ask permission from the tour guide and they will lead you to a certain spot where you can fly a drone. 

* You can avail of snacks and coffee when you exit the temple grounds. 

* Borobudur Temple has an entrance fee of 33USD. 

Outfit details: Off shoulder top and skirt both from Forever 21